New Year

Have you planned out your goals for 2017?


If you haven’t, why not?

(If you fail to plan… plan to fail!)


If you have what kind of goals are you setting for yourself?

Are they easy to accomplish or are you going to up your game and shoot for goals that are almost entirely out of reach – yet still attainable?


As for me. I’m putting the finishing touches on my goals, many of which are going to be a stretch for me. But I’m choosing to set aside mediocrity in place of substantial growth, in all areas of my life, through hard work.


I understand that New Years resolutions often fail… But honestly, they fail because planning isn’t done, the goals aren’t broken down into manageable tasks, and the tasks aren’t executed upon.



Write down your goals in the following areas (make them challenging; the more challenging – the greater the reward):

Faith, Family, Health, Personal Growth/Learning, Vocation/Career, Finances, and Social/Community.


Remember to make your goals specific, measurable, and attainable… (not impossible, but not easy either)

Once you have your goals break them down into action steps and get to it!


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