NaNoWriMo 2014

If there is one thing I learned from writing 50,000 words in one month, it’s that I will never do it again.




It’s 50,000 words! That’s a lot of words…


But in all honesty, it really comes down to the fact that I can’t stick to one thing with a single minded determination and drive and still expect positive results.


I was legitimately burnt out!

Burnt out of something that I dearly love.

And sadly, it’s taken over two years, and some nudging from a friend, for me to bounce back and have any desire to write again.


The only positive light I can spin on it is – I have fresh eyes and more life experience to bring to my story and to my writing.

Nevertheless, I’ve lost two years of being creative. I’ve lost two years of enjoying the process of writing and creating something so amazing and brilliant and wonderful.

And I honestly believe being burnt out of something I love has led to a loss in creativity, and really my overall joy, as a whole.


This has led to me getting so caught up in “Adulting” that I’ve entirely forgotten what it’s like to be creative, to use my imagination, and to be a kid again.


Sad really….


It’s sad that it’s taken me so long to realize what I’ve lost.

And in all reality I think everyone goes through that in life. We grow up, get a job, and then have to BE a grown up.

We feel such a need to live a fast paced life of instant gratification that we never slow down. We never take time to be free, to be creative, and to feed our souls with stories and the beauty of the world around us.


But no more!


I have decided this day that from now on I will do a little each day to feed my soul and to be creative. I will choose to recapture my child-like wonder and imagination that was once so readily available.


Will you do the same?

To seek the joys and wonders of life?

To play, to pretend, to imagine?


I believe there’s nothing to lose in the trying, and so much that can be gained!


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