Too many ads…

Have you ever clicked on a link to a website for an article that seemed interesting only to be blasted by so much advertisement that it takes 10 minutes to read 100 words…


Yeah, me too…


I will never understand the need for so much advertising on a site. I mean, yeah, I get the point of making some money but come on.

There are sites that I blatantly avoid because I know that I will be bombarded with ads and popups.


And it’s not just ads. It’s the extreme click-bait headlines they come up with.


Just once would I like to find a site, whether a news site or what have you, where I click on a link and learn something new.

No useless spammy ads, no popups that prevent me from reading the article, and no redirects to other useless junk.


What’s even worse is when you get about halfway through reading something only to have some popups launch you back up to the top of the page, making you lose your place and throw your hands up in disgust.


Well, you’ll never get that on this site. Not going to happen. I hate ads and I would rather make nothing off my site then to annoy the hell out of people.


Alright, alright, rant over. But I’m still annoyed at the greed of some people. Isn’t it better just to make great content and not make as much then to make mediocre content with a ton of ads so you can make more money.


Just saying…


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