Modern Day Renaissance Man

What is a Modern Day Renaissance Man?

My definition is this…

A person whose expertise, knowledge, and abilities spans a significant number of different subject areas. Such a person should embrace all knowledge and develop their abilities as fully as possible in all areas of accomplishment: intellectual, artistic, social, spiritual, and physical.


So what exactly does that mean?

Simply put it is someone embracing who they are and doing all they can in order to develop fully as a human.


Now keep in mind this is not a Jack-of-all-trades and Master of None scenario. I’m not talking about dabbling in a little bit of everything. (Though dabbling is a valuable practice to test interest in something.)


What I am talking about is a clear, decisive, and deliberate plan to learn and grow in many areas.


I believe those areas can be boiled down to a combination of the following key areas of life:

Intellectual, Artistic, Social, Spiritual, and Physical.


What is important about striving to become a Modern Day Renaissance Man and why should we all strive for it?

To develop fully and to provide value.


It’s a terrible thing to get to the end of this life and realize that you never fully lived up to your potential. How sad it would be knowing that you not only could have done more but you could have had a greater impact on the world around you.


It’s important to look at not just what we can do for ourselves but also in what ways can we serve others.


Always remember that the gathering of skills and abilities is not an end unto themselves, but it is a means to the end of becoming well-rounded; this in the hopes that you can take what you have and give it back to the world around you.


We should all do what we can, within our abilities, and to the extent that we can, make the world a better place.


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