Know thyself…

If it’s one thing I’ve realized over the years it’s that life is all about learning.

Not just learning as in school or skills or whatnot.

Learning as in learning yourself. Learning how you tick and what does and doesn’t work for you.


Over the past few years I have tried to be a morning person, tried to be a goal setter, tried to be this and tried to be that…

None of it has ever really lasted.

I think that’s because I tried to take strategies and apply them to my life directly; when honestly, they would never work in the first place.


This is where the learning yourself part comes into play.

Experimentation is key to learning what does and doesn’t work for your life.


I have tried to take something that works for others and directly apply it to my life without molding and shaping it to myself beforehand. This only works, and only lasts, when I’m in the right mindset…


And if you’ve read any of my previous posts, I’m never really in the right mindset. My hobbies and interests shift often and my BPD throws a wrench in the system as a whole.


It’s been through a lot of self reflection that I realized that I’ve often tried to take paths that others have already blazed. This ultimately leads to dissatisfaction and giving up, like with my morning routine…


We are always told to make our own path in life but I think far too often, and without ever realizing it, we jump from one persons path to another. We never truly let go and try and truly forge our own path in life.

To some degree there will always be an overlap of paths, but that other path shouldn’t define us. We should be weary of crossing a path only to get stuck in ruts left by someone else, years having gone by before we realize we should have gotten off the path.


Life is a journey though, and with time we come to realize these things.


I encourage you, take some time to reflect on your life. Are you really walking your own path? What changes can you make in life that will lead you in a direction that will breath life into you? What can you do different that will help you to grow?


There are a few things I’ve come to realize in my life that I need to get back to doing because I know it worked.

And there are a few things that I am going to change from the norm. Mainly a morning routine, one in which I don’t try to get up crazy early and I allow myself to be much more fluid with how my morning routine goes or doesn’t go.


It’s all about finding a balance in life; one that brings you joy and feeds your soul.


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