Why write?

I’ll be honest I sat here at my computer for a long time trying to come up with something worthwhile to write about.

I’ve got nothing… well, not really anyways. I have no profound words of wisdom, nor do I have anything that would help or guide anyone in any way, shape, or form…


My thoughts turn to the question of what is the point of writing?

Why does one write?

Why does one aspire to be published?


Some may answer immediately saying that they want to write for the money, though I’m not sure that’s a very good response. I mean, we’re not all J.K. or George Martin, with our books on the big screen or small screen.

Others may answer that they love reading and want to give it a try and while that is great it doesn’t quite hit the point that I would like to make.

Why do I write, or rather why do I aspire to be a published author? In years past it was because I wanted to be like the folks that wrote the books that I loved to read. I wanted to be them…

It’s never really a good thing to want to be like someone other than yourself.


The beauty of time and getting older is you start to look at the world a little different every day that passes; you start to realize that things you thought were important really aren’t or that you had misunderstood the importance of something.

I’ve come to realize that I want to write and publish because I’m truly passionate about the story I have to tell. I love my characters and the world in which they live. Over time what I thought was just something made up in my head has taken on a life of its own. The world, the story, and the people within are always changing and the history is always being revealed.


I will say that I am of the group of people that think that you don’t tend to just sit down and write and there before you is a story.


I would have never started working on my current WIP had it not been for me walking home one night when I was stationed on Okinawa. For no reason at all the vision of a young boy, lying on a beach among the wreckage of a ship hit me. I couldn’t help but ask myself why the little boy was there. From that moment on an entire world has been slowly revealed to me. Now, that’s not to say that I think everything about my story has been handed to me, but there are those few select things that came from nowhere. The rest has been me putting in the hard work of worldbuilding.

Over the last far too many years that I’ve spent worldbuilding, my world has continued to evolve and change. I’ve designed and redesigned maps, artifacts, and other things until they made the story come alive.


I’ve come to realize that I don’t really care all that much if I never become some famous author or have my books made into movies. What I want is for some young kid to read one of my books in a library or a book store and have an entire world unfold before their eyes. If I can ignite the passion in them for reading and writing, I’ll be pretty happy.

I want my writing to be something that people feel a real connection to, something that gives them pause and makes them think deeper about themselves and what’s around them.

In this sense writing is an odd thing.

I’ve read books that have a world filled with detail and the story is like a woven carpet with lots of threads all connected. On the other side of the spectrum I’ve read books that had much less detail, but left a lot for my imagination to fill in and had a plot that was simple, easy to follow, and was truly a joy to read. Each has it’s own merit, but something that any good book has in common is that it has to have an impact on the reader.

If a book connects with me on a personal level then I won’t forget anything about it.

However, a well written book that doesn’t connect with me will soon be forgotten. This is something that really sucks when I go to read the second book in a series after a couple years of waiting and remember absolutely nothing about the first book.


But enough of my rambling. I think we all need to ask ourselves from time to time: what is the point of writing, why do we write, and what story do we have a burning passion to tell?


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