On the future

My thoughts turn toward the future. What will it hold, I don’t know. I can only hope that the dreams that I have for becoming a successful writer lie somewhere down that path.

I have dreamed of seeing my name on the New York Times Best Seller list since I was in high school. It’s an odd thing to think about considering I have never published anything, and the only ones that have ever read anything that I have ever written, be it poem or prose, are a few friends and family.


Yet one can dream can’t they?


One day I hope to look back and laugh at my posts and think about where I was and how far I’ve come.

I do that now…

Looking back and thinking that I left for bootcamp less than a week after graduating high school and spent five years in the Marine Corps. I have been to a lot of places and seen some amazing things! All this while working on a helicopter I loved.


Until that day comes that I look back and see the journey I have taken I will look toward the future and do the best that I can to achieve all that I have set before myself.

I encourage you to do the same!!!


Something important to remember is to never limit yourself. If you have the desire, like myself, to write a book that will maybe one day make it onto the best sellers list. DO IT!

What all that entails I honestly have no idea, though for the most part it would probably require finding an agent then a publishing house, which is the traditional route.

Is that what I want; in all honesty, yes.

Self publishing is always an option and I would never say that it will never be in my future but I have always had the desire to walk into a book store, saunter on over to the sci-fi and fantasy section and find my book on the shelf with one of the well known publishing houses on the cover.

But that’s just me.

Now, in this modern day and age it’s becoming more and more common to have a sort of hybrid contract. Something where your book is published traditionally and is found on bookshelves and it is also offered through other forms of media.

What I may do is publish my trilogy, and the other series that come after it, through traditional means. Then in the interim write some short stories that are set in my world or even dabble in something outside my comfort zone and publish those in an electronic format.

Anything is possible, and by the time I am ready to query and agent and get myself published I’m sure things will have changed even more.


Ultimately, whatever route I take will come down to the passion I have for my writing and, if people like what they read, then to make sure that they have the most enjoyable adventure that I can provide. (And hopefully not take like a decade to go from book 1 to book 2 in a series)

This blog is my way of starting a platform for my writing, and other myriad endeavors, and to reach out and share what I have to offer; whether it be knowledge on a particular subject, cool props to look at, or a story that takes you on an adventure that takes your breath away.


A top rated book on bookshelves everywhere, handmade props that go with my books (made by me of course), and a mancave filled with all manner of things that go with my stories…

Yeah, I like the sound of that.

One day it could very well happen. But, until then I’ll continue on this journey.


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