A Serial Story?

Lately I’ve been thinking about something…

I have a book series, my first, that I need to start writing. I need to get those three written and published because I have about 3-4 more series after that. All of them in the same made up world in my head. All of them taking place within roughly a 3000 year span.


Yup… 3000 years!

Or more if I do any series before or after the ones I currently have planned.


The fun part is from series 1 to series 4 the setting will go from a middle ages sword and sorcery feel to more of a renaissance feel. With the possible inclusion of early firearms.

I’m really excited to span so much time with the series and dive into different eras of the peoples, places, and cultures as a whole. It also makes for an interesting history of the world. As time, and books, progress the world evolves and grows, and that’s something that’s really exciting to me.


What does that have to do with anything?


Well, since I have all these ideas for stories, books, series, etc… I thought, why not make things more challenging for myself.


Since I like a challenge and like to make myself suffer apparently. I thought it might be fun to write a serialized story every other week or every month that takes place long before the start of my first book.

There are a few reasons why I want to do this.

One being it continually challenges me to write a tight, concise story on a regular basis. It gives me experience with the ebbs and flows of the story and the world. It helps me develop the magic system and the cultures as a whole. And, it gives me a certain bounds to tell that small part of the story, bounds that I need to stay within to bring people back in two weeks or a month… Whatever the schedule is that I give it.

Another reason is that it gives me a bit of a platform on which to launch my writing. If I already have a bunch of people that are tuning in on a regular basis to read the next chapter in the adventure then they must at least somewhat enjoy my writing. If they enjoy my writing then they may like my books.


Honestly, word of mouth is king. I can promote my work all I want but it carries far more weight when a fan sells it as a story worth reading.


The best part is that the serial story is going to be a labor of love. I get nothing out of it besides having fun and possibly gaining some fans.

It’s a way to develop my voice, have fun and give my world to everyone so that we can all share in the journeys that will take place.


I’m really excited to work on this along with my book and as soon as I have an idea of what the schedule will be and when the first story will come out I’ll post an update.

Until then I have a bit of work to do on my site and much to figure out with my stories.


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