A hint of change

So… my site got a little bit of an update over the weekend. That’s not all though. I started this site so that I could talk about stuff that interests me. Almost like a dumping ground for my thoughts. Lately I’ve been thinking about where I want to take not just my website and social media but life in general.

Over the next few weeks, as I ponder on all of life’s great mysteries, I will probably continue to make changes and tweaks to the site. The content may change a little. Though, I’m not entirely sure to what extent. But that’s all in an effort to try and reach out more and seek to serve and be a positive influence in the world.


That’s something I think we all need in this day and age, and something we should all seek to be.

A positive influence…

How can I build others up? How can I put others before myself? How can I provide value to someone that has a real impact on their life?


Too often I find myself working toward selfish ambitions. Not that those ambitions are bad, but they are focused inward and not outward. I seek comfort and solitude far more than I should.

This is something that has been weighing heavy on me for a little while now. Comfort and mediocrity. How can I be a light in this world if I hide my light under the bowl of comfort, or the bowl of solitude, or the bowl of self-serving. (I’m referencing Matthew 5:14-16 here.)


There is so much more to life. There is such great joy in putting others before oneself. And we are all called to greater things. The key is stepping out and doing what needs done to serve others, regardless of where we are at in life.


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